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Gabby French and pinup friday

Gabby French

Gabby French

Welcome to the first Pin up Friday of the new year!!! WHEEEEW!!! I started on Captain America 2 about 6 weeks ago and between this intense show and traveling back and forth from Wyoming to California, it has been most difficult to put up any posts this year…. My computer is in the middle of printing today so I have a few minutes to put up some new pix.

For the first Pin Up Friday of 2013 I want to introduce you all to Miss Gabby French of Bakersfield, CA. I met Gabby last November, and we did our first shoot at the Supply Sergeant in Bakersfield. This store has a load of tanks and military vehicles on their property, and they so graciously let us shoot there. Gabby is fairly new to modeling, and it was great fun to work with her. Gabby had never done pin up before but fell right into the genre with great ease and beautiful elegance. We had tons of fun; we must have shot over 1200 pictures. Our next outing was last weekend, and we tackled themes covering everything from the Air Force, to classic pinup, Star wars and we even had time to shoot a couple of Classic red dress pix from Star Trek. So many pictures and not enough time to even look at them all, HAAA! Working with Gabby is always a treat and, unless there was a mistake on my end, every picture she took turned out so perfect… she is really moving out with shoots scheduled at every turn. I’m sure her face will be one you’ll be seeing a lot of in the future and there is nothing holding her back from her modeling pursuits.

On the academic side of things, Gabby is also a full time student. Her major is clinical Psychology. I asked Gabby if she would do a little write up for the post today and here she is letting us know a little bit about herself in her own words:

Gabby French, 2013
My biggest goal in life is to be able to help people in any and every way I can. Majoring in psychology I hope to establish a career in clinical psychology and therapy work. I began modeling as a hobby with friends because I’ve always loved being in front of a camera. After discovering how much I love coming up with new creative themes to portray through pictures, I realized I would love to pursue a career in the modeling industry. Arts, music, and theatre have played an essential role in my life since I was a baby and I have always loved performing. I love modeling for themed shoots because it is a great way to take on many different roles that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to be a part of. It also challenges me to be expressively well rounded. I enjoy traveling more than anything, and plan on visiting anywhere I can possibly visit. I wish to constantly be building a resume and portfolio of experience while simultaneously seeing several new places and meeting new people for the rest of my life. I’m hoping this career path will escalate to provide me with opportunities to experience many exciting and cultural adventures. That being said I have an eclectic set of interests in the modeling field and will jump on almost every opportunity presented. There’s also a variety of ideas I would like to pursue, such as; I would love to be in magazines, establish a contract with a big company, be in commercials , videos, advertisements, billboards, and at some point even start acting. Whatever I end up doing, I want to have fun and learn along the way!

If you want to follow along with Gabby’s adventures be sure to catch her Model Mayhem page at

or on her facebook modeling page at

So until next time have a great weekend all and stay tuned for more soon.

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it’s pin up friday

Hi all and yes it’s been a long time since I have been able to get on here.. So much going on with a second move in a year and now I’m back in CA working at Disney! Woooooo never a dull moment……  Anyways in addition to it being the 35th anniversary of Close Encounters,  It’s Pin Up Friday….  Today get ready for pix from two fantastic models, first up are some classics from Miss Penny Von Luck. and second from my friend Kasandra Kid. I did my first Nebraska photo shoot with Kasandra in July and we covered a few themes atop the National monument in Scottsbluff. Kas is one awesome lady and she was so much fun to work with,,, we have a few more shoots in store when I get back and the winter weather settles down so stay tuned!! I ran into Penny last night at the  mall and we talking about so new themes to shoots also. it has been a couple of years since we worked together and we are anxious to do so again…. So with all that said have a great Friday and be posting more next week.

Voo Doo Penny

in the mood to stun

all in red

my fav of the bunch

on the rocks

on the rocks #2

in the road

in the road #2

on the beach,,, without an ocean

red top

my fav

on the hills



animal print



It’s Pin up Friday with miss KasSandraKid

Welcome to Pin Up Friday!!!!  WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Howdy all!  Well, it took forever to get settled in and set up a shoot, but here at last are some pix from my first Nebraska photoshoot.  When we were starting the big move to Wyoming a year ago, I did a little research on models in the area and came across KasSandraKid’s page!!!  What an awesome array of pix she had in her portfolio, and I couldn’t wait to work with her.  We have been planning our shoot ever since, and last month it finally happened!!!  I live about 20 minutes from Nebraska where KasSandra is from, and we picked out The National Monument as our location for the big shoot!!!

She is a photographer herself and only started modeling a short while ago.  She loves the fantasy realm; I was so happy that she tackled the infamous red dress theme!!!  She has one incredible eye for details, and she was so creative with throwing out poses and setups for all the spots we shot at. She is fearless and ebbs confidence with every pose!!!  Tons of fun to work with, and I’m so look forward to doing it again. Her man Sam came along and the two of them make for a great team!  So without any more jibber jabber from me…sit on back (ed. note:  Wyoming has started affecting his speech) and enjoy some of the pix from the big Nebraska shoot.

To see more of KasSandra’s work visit her page at


middle of the road

come on in the waters fine

for Barrie



Katherine McCoy and pinup friday

Howdy all and welcome to another addition of pinup Friday.   Today I would like to introduce you to the ever lovely Katherine McCoy of Apple Valley California. I saw Katherine’s portfolio many years ago and I wrote her a note immediately about setting up a shoot. I quickly found out that Katherine rarely got on her Model mayhem page and my message sat in limbo for a good year or so….. Whenever I would come across her page I would drop another note and finally one day last year She got my message and we were able to set up a shoot… We met at Thompson’s Aviation yard and shot on the East side of the site. I borrowed one of the Pan Am uniforms from the Sony lot and that was our first theme.. Thank goodness for the new TV show about Pan Am which made it possible for us to get a really great 60’s style outfit. It fit Kate like a glove and Mark Thompson moved one of his airline ramps up next to a jet fuselage he had and that made for the backdrop of our shoot. The ramp was a bit higher than the door on the jet so we cheated  and shot low angles to help cheat the setups. Katerine really did an awesome job and really captured the era to a “T”.  We got a lot of great pix around that jet and I look forward to posting more as they get edited.. Our next theme was the beloved Red dress and again Kate made the theme sing like it we were back in the 60’s. She added a lot of her own magic to the red dress and can’t wait to put up more… For our final theme before subset we concocted a stylized pilot outfit  and once she was all ready to go, her appearance transformed from a perfect pin up look, to sultry Soviet cold war spy look. Mark had an old Russian helicopter on the back of his lot and we ran over and took my favorite pictures of the day!!! It was a long wait to work with Katherine but it was well worth it… I love the pictures we took and am so glad to have had the opportunity..  Kate is great and I so hope our schedules will allow for another shoot sometime. When not modeling you’ll find Katherine in college studying food and nutrition and her dream is to land a job as a pastry chef at one of the many Disney resorts.. One of her passions is to help those that have been stricken with cancer, (that’s a subject close to my heart) and she volunteers at the American cancer Society. She is currently training for her second relay for life race and I wish her the best in noble pursuits. Heroes are an occasional subject here on the blog and I would have to say Katherine falls into that category. Thanks for fighting for those that can’t!!!!! For more pix of Kate follow the link below and have a look at some of her early modeling.


it’s pin up friday with victoria vertuga

vic at vasq

Happy end of the week and welcome to another addition to pinup Friday!!! If your a regular viewer and fan of the red dress series than you’ll remember the lovely Victoria Vertuga from previous posts, Victoria was one of the first models I ever shot with a few years ago and the red dress theme was our second outing. Were in the works for another outing and can’t wait!!! Victoria is a good friend and one fabulous model… She so loves to be in front of the camera and she adds so much to each theme. For the classic Star Trek series Victoria attacked the theme with a seriously sassy, and sultry attitude. She is the best and love how she broke all the traditional rules by added her on twist with  boots n pumps, and her choice of props. We shot at the historical Vasquez Rocks and the lighting was overcast with breaks of sunshine  making for a perfect day and shoot… So with that all said enjoy the works of Victoria and this Fridays pinup update.

vic 2

vic 3

vic n b&w

vic 4

vic 5


it’s red dress & pinup update friday!!!

Happy Friday all and it has been quite a while since we had a pin up update.. I was able to squeeze shoots in here n there during the last several busy months so today’s post will be a best of day, featuring pics from a variety of familiar faces and some new models too. I have been quite fortunate to work with some incredibly talented models and I so love getting the opportunity do so.Lots n lots of great pics to see so kick back and enjoy all the images from these fine  and talented lady’s

First up is the world famous Miss Kendell Clements, Kendell is no stranger to the blog, and since those first few shots of her were posted here in the SCIFI outfit she has gone on to have her work published in two CD’s,  she has about six pics in (Science Fiction’s Finest, part one) CD, a cover pic forthe (Metamorphosis 5 single), and a third one on it’s way. In addition to her take on the classic Star Trek red dress theme, she tackled another lady in red, Number 6 from Ron Moore’s, Battlestar Galactica. I LOVE WORKING WITH KENDELL and she is an artist who paints such a wickedly beautiful canvas using herself as the medium every time. Kendell is has the right stuff and will go far,,, she always brings something new to every theme &  shoot, as well as her little Chihuahua Lilly. Lots of fun pics here from a few different shoots.

kendell 1

kendell 2

kendel 3

kendel 4

kendell 5

kendell 6

kendell 7

Miss Emily Rose Harris,

Emily is a new name to the modeling world and she is best known for her rodeo lifestyle of barrel racing and CGA Queen status. Emily has branched out into the world of modeling with a vengeance… Her passion for modeling has no limits and her style is very diverse & unique,,,, she is always fun to shoot with and love all the opportunities we get to work together. Emily also got one of her Trek pic’s into the  (Science Fiction’s Finest, part one) CD and Here are a few themes in addition to the red dress series we have done, and I’m sure you’ll agree she has a magic about her work.

emily 1

emily 2

emily 3

emily 4

emily 5

emily 6

emily 7

emily 8

emily 9


Miss Elizabeth Meacham,

Elizabeth is a model from Bishop California and her style is athletic and sporty in nature, and she added a very new spin on the red dress theme. Her sleek n flirty poses are so fun and her bubbly personality translated into every picture!!! Elizabeth has no problem climbing rocks and standing on the edge of cliffs in heels and I so love the way she works the camera,,, Liz also got the last spot in the (Science Fiction’s Finest, part one) CD,, fun times for sure.  She has a great talent and can’t wait to back up North to work with her again.

liz 1

liz 2

liz 3

liz 4

liz 5

liz 6

liz 7

liz 8

liz 9

liz 10

liz 11

Miss Meagan Moorman,

Meagan and I spent probably a good year trying to set up a shoot and it finally happened a few months ago… Meagan is also a newcomer to the modeling world and well on her way to stardom.. She is a treat to work with and I love her enthusiastic perspective about what she is trying to put across in her images. Her elegant posing style and hypnotic eyes cast a spell with every shot. I was so glad that she was able to attack the red dress theme on our first shoot, and for our next outing she is going to do her take on SUPERGIRL!!! I absolutely can’t wait for this one!!! She is one nice gal with a great outlook on life and she too is from the world of rodeo and barrel racing, A bag horse accident sadly ended her riding ambitions, but with any good cowgirl you get back on after you’ve been thrown and Meagan has done just that with her lovely modeling… I love Meagan’s work and I’m sure you will too!!!

Meagan 1

Meagan 2

Meagan 3

Meagan 4

meagan 5

meagan 6

meagan 7

meagan 8

meagan 9

meagan 10

meagan 11

And that’s it for this Friday, Stay tuned for more updates from the lady’s above and look forward to posting more next week, Till then God Bless n have a good one



Alexandra gunn, a pin up update

alex and the red dress #1

Happy new year Everyone, it’s finally 2011, and I’m so looking forward to the start of a new year and sharing more stuff from the world of Hollywood and Star Trek with you all.  This March will mark the second anniversary of the blog and there will be a whole lot of new Starship dedications to many of the readers here, as well as interviews with some of the cast & crew and a whole lot of art and photos from the Trek world.  So without any further delays, here we go….

For the first official post of the new year I want to introduce you to Alexandra Gunn.  Alex is fairly new to the modeling world with about 6 months of work to her credit, and without hesitation I would say she has all it takes to go very, very, far.  She is very passionate about the art, and she can really capture a fantastic array of styles and eras both elegantly and also in the true spirit of the vintage past.  Alex and I met for the first time a few weeks back at Mark Thompson’s aviation yard, and the ground was still covered in snow.  Despite the weather, Alex had her heart set on doing a good part of the shoot in a leopard print dress and ignored the elements to capture a series of very beautiful images.  Both her parents were there to lend a hand & be a part of the shoot, and they are a great inspiration for her.

Alex loves to sing and has just won an acting and modeling contract and is about to head off to Texas to follow her dream.  Inspired by the sirens of the silver screen, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, Alex tries to follow in their style from a bygone era making everything she does a homage but also making her style very much her own.  Alex is 19 , lives in Palmdale CA, and at 5’3 she thought modeling might not be something she could do successfully with the commonly accepted thought that you have to be extremely tall to make it big.  Alex proves that theory wrong and has created some of my most favorite pictures.  For our last shoot, Alex took on the Star Trek Red Dress theme and so wonderfully conquered the look and feel of the 60’s adding her own style and mark with this fun running series.

Be sure to stay tuned for more of Alex as she is about to go Brunette, and hopefully before she makes it to the big time we can catch her for another shoot . OK then, enjoy the work of Alex and be sure to check out her Model Mayhem page by following the link below.

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Miss Elizabeth Mills, a fabulous pin up update

My Arizona trip was a great Success with being able to shoot a lot of (then and now) photographs for the 50th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. In addition to that adventure I was able to meet up with a very new and up and coming model named Elizabeth Mills. Miss Mills is a student at ASU and models part time for fun, She had a wickedly fabulous portfolio and I was so excited to get the chance to work with her.  We met at Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona around 11:30 for the vintage aviation themed shoot. Lisa wore an elegant long black dress, long silk gloves, and her very cool glasses as her her chosen wardrobe, which made for a beautiful contrast to the traditional military outfits that I have shot in the past. Lisa whipped up some very sleek poses and made taking good pictures ever so easy. It was hot out and we did do a second round at Falcon in full army get up,,, the dress was my favorite of the two outfits by far although the Army look is oh so very nice as well.   From there we were off to Scottsdale for the red dress part of the shoot…. Lisa really captured a new look from what we have seen in this series so far and I love how her style and grace made for some way cool pictures. She also made one fine cowgirl for the western theme that we also shot at the same location. Here is but a small taste of whats to come from Lisa and I’m sure you’ll agree that we need to see more of her in future posts!!! Thanks Lisa for the great shoot and so glad to finally be putting up some of your pictures here today. Here also is Lisa’s Model Mayhem link,,,, Be sure to check it out to see some of her other work..


lisa in B&W

Lisa in color



Lisa in color



Lisa the big view



this is the cropped version of the below pic,,, I couldn't decide which one I liked best so you get to see both.



lisa wide view






ooooh those glasses



Yeee Haw n Howdy



curtis sb2c helldiver



Miss Katy Awful, a red dress story

katy 1

Two weeks ago I made my annual Tucson Arizona trip and met with some old friends and some new ones for some awesome pin up style photoshoots. I had met Katy via her Model Mayhem page and we got together at the Pima Air and space Museum for a vintage style aviation themed pin up. Katy’s sleek style and elegant way of posing for the camera made for some very beautiful pictures. She has a very inventive imagination when it comes to outfit choices and in the first set of shots at the museum she wore a lovely formal gown that really put a gorgeous twist to the look that we are all so familiar with. We shot two wardrobe sessions at the park the pictures she took there are breathtaking!!! We talked about shooting a red dress theme before I had to go and Katy was pretty excited about it.. She found the location in the mountains above old Tucson and did quite a bit of research on the old 60’s characters. we meet again two days later at this awesome rocky location and she hops out of the car with the coolest Trek style Hair doo, (which she did herself) and some classic fishnet style stockings. Katy has a magical presence about her not to mention she has a towering figure coming in at 6 foot 2, She is a very unique and gifted young lady and she has the world before her to do what ever she wants. Modeling is her artistic outlet and she shines ever so brightly using herself as the medium  in which she creates her art!!! Thanks Katy and for all you pin up fans your in for a great treat. enjoy and as always there will be more to come. Also be sure to check out the next spot I’m working on for, Katy will be the special red dress guest for the next article.

Katy 2

Katy 3

katy 4

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