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Howdy all, I’m now a Wyoming resident and so love my new home.  I made the long drive last weekend and was so happy to be back with my family again after a long separation because of my working in LA and my wife and daughters being in WY.  So glad to be home and so love the small town life.

Yesterday I saw two ranch trucks drive down our road in a 24 hour span. The town of  Torrington is for the most part closed today because it’s Sunday and everyone is at church.  The sun is shining, there is NO WIND, and there is nothing even remotely similar to Los Angeles anywhere to be found…Nothing is locked up behind glass at Walmart, there are mirrors in all the restrooms and there is no gang scratch or graffiti anywhere.  Vacant farm houses are intact and not looted and everyone says hi or waves as you go by.  Teenagers working at the fast food places are all very nice and happy; American flags and signs of patriotism are everywhere.  The military folks in and around town are not scoffed at or looked down upon.  There are families everywhere doing things together.  I see people of all ages in restaurants taking a moment or two to pray before they eat…

Well I could go on and on so in short I’ll say that this place is perfect, just like the small towns I grew up in, in Arizona.  So With all that said, I’m settled in and got my computer set up and I HAVE INTERNET at home again! (editor’s note… YEA!)  So tomorrow starts day one of the return of the blog and the beginning of a look back at the Summer movies of 1982.  Have a great Sunday and Mother’s Day all.



the blog starts up again in two weeks

Howdy all, Just finished on the very busy “Iron Man 3”, and I’m now packing up the truck for the big move to Wyoming followed by  a week of travel!! I should be settled into my new life and ready to go right away.. All the Trek art work that has been in storage for over a year will be accessible again so I can scan and post like before!!! Also once the posts start rolling again, this is the 30th anniversary of the summer movies of 1982,, THE GREATEST SUMMER OF MOVIES ever!!! Stay tuned for tons of fun posts followed by some feed back by the men n women behind the 1982 blockbusters. OK thanks for hanging in there and can’t wait to get back on here more regularly..

Have a good one.



Gene Rizzardi and the making of the clear Enterprise

Gene and the CLEA-AH "E"

Here is a pic of the grand master model maker Gene Rizzardi and his finished clear Enterprise E model. The model was built for Captain Picard’s ready room from Star Trek “Nemesis” and funny story goes along with this beautiful model.  Way back in 2001 a lot of the sets for Nemesis would be built and dressed for shooting a day or so before they were needed for filming.  One of the biggest issues with getting sets ready for filming trouble is getting the director over to see the sets for approval, This is very true with all shows because everyone’s time is spread out where there is an overwhelming amount of work on everyone’s plate…. Many times he wouldn’t be able to show up till the day before or less and any change was a big change in the 11th hour. That’s the nature of the beast and we all are on scramble mode till the last shot of the film is done!!!!  This model is one very big example of this… a few days before the ready room was to be shot all the dressing and lighting was in place. My boss Herman Zimmerman, had me make a display model of the Enterprise E to have as a part of the dressing. The study model built for ILM on First Contact was used again and was set in the corner of the set….. The director walked in and made a hand full of small changes,  he caught site of the Enterprise model in the corner and after looking at it for a moment he turned to Herman and said in a very British accent: I think I would like to have this model CLEA-AH (clear). Herman discussed the major issues of such a request, yet Stuart was very passionate about having a clear ship so the request stood.. Herman came back to the office and asked what it would take to make the ship transparent!!!!!! Yikes,,, I said it would take about 4 weeks and about $8000. Holly Cow said Herman and off he went to pitch the heavy news. He came back and said the change was still wanted and to go ahead with making a new “E” This in return postponed being able to shoot the Ready room so other sets had to be quickly finished to fill the Ready Rooms slot. Herman asked If I could make the model but there was no way to do both the art and the model at the same time. Herman took the project down stairs to the FX department and the job was given to model maker Gene Rizzardi. Gene took the master pieces of the “e” model from stage and started to sand and buff the pieces smooth as glass. Special platinum rubber molds had to made to accept the clear resins needed to make the ship parts clear…. Problem ensued right away with the parts sticking to the molds and the surface of the parts not curing… after multiple attempts regular RTV molds were made and seemed to work better with the resin than the Platinum molds did. Know the issue was casting parts without bubbles in the middle. After many try’s Gene got some good pieces and now had to spend a great deal of time sanding and buffing the materiel to a perfect smooth and clear finish. Gene made three or four final pieces as backups, and after all was said and done I believe the models cost to be about $13,000. and took 6 weeks to complete. The model was placed on the set, filming began and in the end you can kinda see it in the far background of a couple of shots!!!!! As short as it was seen in the background it at least made it… The model we made for First Contact is only seen as a shadow on the wall… HAAA! HOLLYWOOD!!!!!! Anyways the behind the scenes crew worked their magic and the finished piece was spectacular…


monsterpalooza April, 13th-15th, 2012

WOW!!!  What an incredible show this was!!! As much as I love Comicon and Wondercon, Monsterpalooza has become my new Favorite of the collector shows. The Palooza started Friday evening at 6:00 and went through the weekend. There were tons of incredible vendor booths, live make-up, airbrush, and mold making seminars, Movie and horror directors& stars, as well as a host of special make up FX artists.. Monsterpalooza has been an annual event but this year they are adding another show in October and again it will be in Burbank!!!! I’m booking this one as we speak. I took tons of pix from the show and they will speak volumes so enough chatter from me and lets go right into the show…

This is a painting of Grandpa from the "Munsters" painted by the incredible Daniel Horne. Dan had many pieces of his work at the show and I was blown away by his incredible talent and what a great subject manner to display his mastery of the media

This is a painting of Grandpa from the "Munsters" painted by the incredible Daniel Horne. Dan had many pieces of his work at the show and I was blown away by his incredible talent, and what a great subject matter to display his mastery of the media

Here is another one of Dan's masterpieces!!! I'm only going to post two of his paintings because I'm going to do a special blog post about him very soon.

Here is another one of Dan's masterpieces!!! I'm only going to post two of his paintings because I'm going to do a special blog post about him very soon.

There was also a horror museum and this was one of the pieces on display

There was also a horror museum and this was one of the pieces on display

more from the Museum

more from the Museum

If your a fan of John Carpenter's "The Thing" you'll know who this is..

Most of the work in the Museum was full scale and beyond, this piece stood at least 8 to 9 feet tall

Most of the work in the Museum was full scale and beyond, this piece stood at least 8 to 9 feet tall

this was a shot from a vendors booth who sold horror candles as well as a lot of other great stuff,,,, Check out "The Thing Candle" in the middle

I believe this was from "Cloverfield"

I believe this was from "Cloverfield"

famous busts

A full size horror display featuring the silent film version of "Phantom of the Opera"

A most impressive piece of work, A full size sculpture of Rick Baker applying "An American Werewolf in London" make up on David Naughton

by the same artist another life sized sculpture of Jack Pierce applying mummy make up to Boris Karloff. Rick Baker's hands were cast and used for Pierce's hands.

another view of this incredible sculpture

Frankie in full scale

some pieces from one of the many booths

more cool stuff

IT"S THOMAS WAITES!!!! This is the actor who played the character, Windows in John Carpenter's "The Thing" Thomas was very kind and let me snag a pic with him!!!

Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger of Bonevelent Monster Productions were at the show promoting their new film "Beast Wishes" which is a tribute film to Bob and Kathy Burns. The filmed premiered Thursday night at the Arclight theater in Hollywood and is the best tribute film I have ever seen.. Stay tuned for a special blog about these two and their film in the near future

Don't eat worms or spend to much time at the cemetary

Michael Jackson!!!!!! Incredible

always wear your retainers at night or else

I would die to have this kind of talent!!!

this was a beautiful yet disturbing piece depicting the life of a bunch of zombies

so many great creatures

this was a giant phone booth sized machine that when activated, opened up to a full animatronic character that would sing then try to blow you to pieces when you critiqued his lack of singing skills

My buddy Nelson and his fav piece of the show

a one eyed beauty

this artist sculpts in both practical media as well as Z brush and teaches classes on how to master the program

This young gal had the best outfit n make up!!! She was just a convention goer and was incredibly scary!!

This is Ed and Charlie Chiodo, combined with Steven, they are the Chiodo Brothers. These three incredibly talented artists have a studio in Burbank CA, and in 1988 they wrote and directed as well as made all the Klowns for the space epic "The Killer Klowns from Outer Space", and most recently they created all the puppets for Team America. Three great guys and always working on some very cool projects.

a young Zombie on her way to the showroom.

the Monsterpalooza clock!!!

glad these things were behind glass

here a four ghouls that no one would want to have a blind date with, Sorry I don't have the little black sensor bars to cover things, so quickly move on if your kids are in the room with you!!!

the next several pictures are from the booth where the ghoulie girls were at.. here is something Hannis from "The Ring"

more awesome masks

the focus is a little soft but had to post this incredible piece anyways

Ahhh how cute, A little vampire alien


full werewolf costumes

these suits n masks are to cool for words

if your in the market for adopting a little demon, you had a lot of them to choose from

and this is the final pic from the show!!!! enjoy


Star Trek “First Contact” the complete score

At last it is here!!!  Lukas Kendall and Neil Norman of Crescendo Records, have just released today the complete Star Trek “First Contact” score by the legendary Jerry Goldsmith. This is a masterpiece of film music and it combines the talents of both Jerry and Joel Goldsmith. A roaring romantic score that made First Contact the best of the TNG films by a leaps and bounds. I have had a copy of the full recording since the film came out and it is one of my all time favorites. Ford Thaxton and Mark Banning of  BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM are carrying this prize at their website so follow the link below to snag one before there all gone. This complete score has so much more than the original CD release and is worthy addition to your Goldsmith or Star Trek collections!!!


Big news from Star trek 2

Howdy all, HOT NEWS!!!! HOT NEWS!!!!! HOT off the press and will be released later this week on the Star Trek website!!!! J.J. finally Talks at length about the new film and Paramount is releasing some location pix!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO

Here is quick look at the header that you’ll want to keep an eye out for…. OK enjoy and can’t wait to read this one.


Katherine McCoy and pinup friday

Howdy all and welcome to another addition of pinup Friday.   Today I would like to introduce you to the ever lovely Katherine McCoy of Apple Valley California. I saw Katherine’s portfolio many years ago and I wrote her a note immediately about setting up a shoot. I quickly found out that Katherine rarely got on her Model mayhem page and my message sat in limbo for a good year or so….. Whenever I would come across her page I would drop another note and finally one day last year She got my message and we were able to set up a shoot… We met at Thompson’s Aviation yard and shot on the East side of the site. I borrowed one of the Pan Am uniforms from the Sony lot and that was our first theme.. Thank goodness for the new TV show about Pan Am which made it possible for us to get a really great 60’s style outfit. It fit Kate like a glove and Mark Thompson moved one of his airline ramps up next to a jet fuselage he had and that made for the backdrop of our shoot. The ramp was a bit higher than the door on the jet so we cheated  and shot low angles to help cheat the setups. Katerine really did an awesome job and really captured the era to a “T”.  We got a lot of great pix around that jet and I look forward to posting more as they get edited.. Our next theme was the beloved Red dress and again Kate made the theme sing like it we were back in the 60’s. She added a lot of her own magic to the red dress and can’t wait to put up more… For our final theme before subset we concocted a stylized pilot outfit  and once she was all ready to go, her appearance transformed from a perfect pin up look, to sultry Soviet cold war spy look. Mark had an old Russian helicopter on the back of his lot and we ran over and took my favorite pictures of the day!!! It was a long wait to work with Katherine but it was well worth it… I love the pictures we took and am so glad to have had the opportunity..  Kate is great and I so hope our schedules will allow for another shoot sometime. When not modeling you’ll find Katherine in college studying food and nutrition and her dream is to land a job as a pastry chef at one of the many Disney resorts.. One of her passions is to help those that have been stricken with cancer, (that’s a subject close to my heart) and she volunteers at the American cancer Society. She is currently training for her second relay for life race and I wish her the best in noble pursuits. Heroes are an occasional subject here on the blog and I would have to say Katherine falls into that category. Thanks for fighting for those that can’t!!!!! For more pix of Kate follow the link below and have a look at some of her early modeling.

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