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USS iowa/uss kelvin med evac shuttles

Well, it’s been a long time since there was a Trek issue posted, so here are a couple of concepts from JJ’s Star Trek from a few years ago.  These were some of the first ideas Scott Chambliss and I were working on.  The Kelvin was still called the Iowa at this point, and trying to keep in the design aesthetics of the original show, we started out with very blocky forms with rounded corners being the difference between today’s Trek and that of the ideas of the 60’s.  The profile was particularly thin, and the door way was about 3/4 of a full size door, making the interior squat with a low ceiling.  Scott imagined that these shuttles were to be very utilitarian, and function over comfort was the way to go.  This is very much what you would see in modern military design and carrying this point through to Trek was a great starting point.

The first pass of the craft has inset nacelles and is basically very rectangular in shape.  As Ryan Church was fleshing out the USS Iowa, we thought it would be cool to try a version with a single nacelle on top of the ship to tie in the ship’s design to that of its assigned starship.  This idea of architecture went for a while in various forms before we went in a whole different direction and more towards a Galileo style of ship.

Below are the two variations of the same ship and these were some very fun designs to flesh out.

evac concept one

evac concept two

February 2010