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it’s pin up friday with victoria vertuga

vic at vasq

Happy end of the week and welcome to another addition to pinup Friday!!! If your a regular viewer and fan of the red dress series than you’ll remember the lovely Victoria Vertuga from previous posts, Victoria was one of the first models I ever shot with a few years ago and the red dress theme was our second outing. Were in the works for another outing and can’t wait!!! Victoria is a good friend and one fabulous model… She so loves to be in front of the camera and she adds so much to each theme. For the classic Star Trek series Victoria attacked the theme with a seriously sassy, and sultry attitude. She is the best and love how she broke all the traditional rules by added her on twist with  boots n pumps, and her choice of props. We shot at the historical Vasquez Rocks and the lighting was overcast with breaks of sunshine  making for a perfect day and shoot… So with that all said enjoy the works of Victoria and this Fridays pinup update.

vic 2

vic 3

vic n b&w

vic 4

vic 5


the Uss Enterprise B and the PBY Catalina

Today’s sketch is of the final design of the Enterprise B, The B came to be because of budgets reasons on the production and there was just not enough cash available to make a new ship and shooting miniature for Generations so the USS Excelsior model from previous films was recruited to be the B. Story line called for some hull changes so that the Nexus ribbon could whip off a chunk of the ship without destroying the whole ship. This was my first art assignment on Trek and what a fun one to say the least.. I was one huge fan of Bill George’s Excelsior and despite all the changes we were asked to do it was important to maintain the overall design as much as possible. To seek out inspiration the  PBY Catalina came to mind with it’s built in boat like belly detail which made for the perfect reference to re translate into the Starship’s new hull lines. As for the big wing top props the same is seen on the top of the saucer with twin impulse engines located on the back of the dish. After Herman Zimmerman and the producers were happy with the design the sketch and some rough plans went to ILM and the reboot was underway headed by famed model maker John Goodson. The end result looked beautiful on film and the folks up in Marin County again made movie magic. Stay tuned for more on the B and lots of art n pics to come.





the uss enterprise b

plans for the bridge graphic by Mike Okuda

an old pin up pby


the dick van dyke show, the 50th anniversary

title card

October the 3rd, 1961 was a landmark day for CBS, for this was the day that (The Dick Van Dyke show) aired for the first time… The program was in Black and White, and it’s pilot episode did little as far as outstanding new arrival. The show caught on quickly and the new fans of the show followed Dick and Mary for 5 seasons. Created by Carl Reiner and stared Dick Van Dyke
Mary Tyler Moore
Rose Marie
Morey Amsterdam
Larry Mathews
Richard Deacon
Jerry Paris
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Joan Shawlee

This was a favorite growing up and as a kid, and it was so cool to watch Dick Van Dyke’s  hilarious performances and later to see him in so many of my favorite Disney Movies as well.. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, written by Ian (James Bond) Flemming. Mary Poppins, and Oh so many more, and oh so many laughs and fun memories… The Dick Van Dyke show has know reached legendary status and is a fan favorite on many of the flashback and vintage Television stations. Below is a link full of info on the show and Sorry for the short post but work is calling n just had enough time to at least get this up on this special day in classic TV history. Enjoy

Mary Tylor Moore, n Dick Van Dyke

Dick, Rose and Morey

the cast, Dick, Mary, Morey, Rose and Richard Deacon

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