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Thanks everyone for the kind comments and all the prayers for my daughter and our family.

Wow and Thanks everyone for all the notes and prayers!!! It was a rough couple of weeks but all is good and I’ll have a new post about Alicia tomorrow as well as a bunch of other new things to share, so stay tuned and thanks again from all in the Eaves family!


Kiowa, the loss of my Daughters horse

Well folks this has been one awful and tragic week. Last Sunday 10-10-10 we were having a big family day at home and My daughters Alicia and Olivia went out to let their horses run in the arena before a sunset trail ride. Alicia’s Horse Kiowa took off with a most beautiful prancy run and then into a full gallop and loving every minute as she ran around the yard. She came around a corner and into the sun and with a high spirited buck she got her leg caught in the fence and was thrown down to the ground. We were all watching and ran to her side as fast as we could. She was hurt bad and the girls had her in their laps and were trying so hard to comfort her as she laid there in pain. Being a Sunday it took over an hour and about 20 calls to finally find a vet that was on duty. My wife found one not to far from us and when he got there and checked her out the diagnosis was very bad and unfixable so she had to be put down. Kiowa was Alicia’s first horse of her own and she has had her since she was 10, and in a few short weeks she will be celebrating her 18th Birthday.. Kiowa was more than a horse, she was Alicia’s partner, best friend, buddy and together they were a perfect team. We have all been devastated this week and have found it hard to do anything without breaking down, but we all have each other and the lord has been watching over us so that has kept us strong.  Alicia and Olivia are some pretty strong cowgirls and they are writing poems and making movies in celebration of their fallen horse Kiowa. Despite this horrible loss they are so glad and thankful for having Kiowa in their lives and for all the memories and life lessons that this beautiful horse has taught them.  A lot of friends here on the blog know about my family and always send notes and comments in regards too and with that I thought I would post this here to share some pictures and video’s of one of our fallen family members. Thanks to everyone that visits here and I hope you enjoy some memories of Kiowa.


running home

rounding the barrels

Alicia and Kiowa getting ready to run at last summers weekly thursday afternoon barrel race

Olivia and Chubs on the left and Alicia and Kiowa on the right at the Filmore rodeo

crossing the finish line

weaving thru the poles

one of my faves Alicia, Olivia, and Kiowa, Best friends forever



one more of miss elizabeth mills

Here is one more pic of Lisa for all of her new fans here to enjoy!!! Thanks for all the great comments yesterday and Lisa is lovin all the feedback.

Lisa's a pack-n


Miss meagan ross, a woman in charge (a pin up update)

Good Morning and happy Friday. Well its good to be back on the blog, sure missed all the fun here and posting lots of interesting things for you all to see. Work is still way busy so I’ll squeak things in as I can. And with that let me introduce you to my friend Meagan. we met in Tucson a few weeks back and we shot a vintage cowgirl shoot as well as a classic Star trek theme. Just Jen from Last years shoot was with us and we did a double shoot which was a lot of fun and it was the first time I ever shot two at once. Meagan is  a very sweet gal and very funny to. She has a very cool style to her work with a lot of Rockabilly attitude thrown in. She dared the rocky mountains in high heeled boots and scaled rock walls with shear drops on the other side without blinking an eye.  coming in at 5 foot 1 she is powerhouse of talent, she’s a pro all the way and sure knows her stuff!  I had the gold dress for quite some time and It was defiantly made for Miss Ross.  What a treat to work with her and I am so glad to be able to get one of her pictures up for you today!!!  Thanks Meagan

cap-n Meagan


Miss Elizabeth Mills, a fabulous pin up update

My Arizona trip was a great Success with being able to shoot a lot of (then and now) photographs for the 50th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. In addition to that adventure I was able to meet up with a very new and up and coming model named Elizabeth Mills. Miss Mills is a student at ASU and models part time for fun, She had a wickedly fabulous portfolio and I was so excited to get the chance to work with her.  We met at Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona around 11:30 for the vintage aviation themed shoot. Lisa wore an elegant long black dress, long silk gloves, and her very cool glasses as her her chosen wardrobe, which made for a beautiful contrast to the traditional military outfits that I have shot in the past. Lisa whipped up some very sleek poses and made taking good pictures ever so easy. It was hot out and we did do a second round at Falcon in full army get up,,, the dress was my favorite of the two outfits by far although the Army look is oh so very nice as well.   From there we were off to Scottsdale for the red dress part of the shoot…. Lisa really captured a new look from what we have seen in this series so far and I love how her style and grace made for some way cool pictures. She also made one fine cowgirl for the western theme that we also shot at the same location. Here is but a small taste of whats to come from Lisa and I’m sure you’ll agree that we need to see more of her in future posts!!! Thanks Lisa for the great shoot and so glad to finally be putting up some of your pictures here today. Here also is Lisa’s Model Mayhem link,,,, Be sure to check it out to see some of her other work..


lisa in B&W

Lisa in color



Lisa in color



Lisa the big view



this is the cropped version of the below pic,,, I couldn't decide which one I liked best so you get to see both.



lisa wide view






ooooh those glasses



Yeee Haw n Howdy



curtis sb2c helldiver



the military shuttle from Star trek, 2009

Here are some images from the final designs that would become the military shuttle during Kirks academy days. This one took a while to get to this point because we had a lot of budget issues to put into the design on how to modify this blueprint to double and triple for the other shuttles that would be represented in the final film… After a long design process this was the concept that moved forward, and it did get redressed  to accommodate the many different ships you see in the bay and in flight.  The initial design of the high nacelles came early on but we went through a lot of different ideas and changes before this idea came back to be modified into what you see in the sketches. The windows changed drastically from this version and this one aslo was to be where Scotty lived and worked on Delta Vega,, The two interiors are the same just redressed for the military version verses Scotty’s version,, Scotty’s interior features all of his transporter ideas and studies as well as a lot of Scottish/and original series personal artifacts. lots of fun where these drawings to work on and I was collaborating closely with (art Director) Curt Beech on these and we had a good time. He’s one funny and talented man with an endless supply of pranks and jokes. In the end he did suffer from the dreaded Limburger cheese attack, HAAA!!!! some real good times.

versions a and b, the lower left ship made the cut
military cockpit wall details
under belly details and landing gear
interior view, (military)
and Scotty’s interior. not a lot of people know that Scotty was supposedly a Rat Fink fan, if you look carefully you might see what I mean…

John carpenter’s ghosts of mars, the art of part 2

Well it’s been 10 years since this art was done for the film and it only seems like yesterday,,, I love that the internet is what it is and we can all share things lost in drawers for over a decade. As I often mention John Carpenter and Sandy King are two of my favorite people in Hollywood and working for them is always a blast. John is currently wrapping up on his new film “The Ward” which from what I have seen looks Awesome, and Sandy most likely has a hundred and one projects in the works. Going back in time to early 2000 Bill elliot hired my friend Joe Musso and myself on to help design the look of “JC’sGOM” We worked together for about 8 weeks getting all the architecture, props, and storyboards done for the film. principle photography was to be done in a Gypsum mine in New mexico with a few scattered interiors in LA. Hunter/Gratzner would handle the VFX and miniature work while KNB would handle the make up end of things! This was one very fun show to draw for and the amount of work we all cranked could easily fill an 18 wheeler. Lots of fun and lots of memories. So with all that said enjoy part 2 of the art of “The Ghosts of Mars”

the train engine, Magnetic propulsion system, 60 feet in length

this was a sketch of the trains interior used as a breakdown of the compartments for the full sized set to be built from in NM

here's the finished set piece

the miniature built by Hunter/Gratzner

this was in the original script and later re-imagined but when it was in the story this piece is what houses the ghosts and the curse of Mars, once it is discovered by an alien invader,, in the movies case, Earth, the simple touch of the intruders hand would break the seal and release the curse which would one by one possess each and every inhabitant of the planet until every one is either killed or taken over.

this was the early concept for the Shining Canyon mine!!!! in the end it wound up being just to big of an idea. What you see of the in the final film version, the mine is basically an excavation site.

after a blasting run , two miners make an unnatural and unearthly discovery

Actress Joanna Cassidy leads the miners into the mysterious Square shaft

the Shining Canyon mine's shanty town

the full sized set in New Mexico

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