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Laurel Rae, and Ashley Lindroth,,,, a pin up update

Hi fellow bloggers, I have to tell ya it has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, here at work and there has been no time to post anything new sorry to say,,, I never even got to finish the text for the Mad Max Thunderdome post except for the title and it was to be a big one to say the least,, HAAAA!   I’ll update it as soon as I can so stay tuned, I had a couple of minutes today so here is a quick update post,,, It’s finally here,,,, Comicon starts this Wednesday and can’t wait to get there and report back on all the new events and special highlights from the show, This Friday is followed up with a pin up shoot aboard the USS Midway with new comer Miss Ashley Lindroth,  Ashley and I have been planning this shoot for several months and it’s gonna be a fun one to be sure, Ashley’s work is awesome and she has picked out one really cool vintage outfit to wear aboard the the ship. Miss Lindroth’s style is a mixture of classic pin up, a bit of rockabilly, and an edgy retro pin up with a lot of sass and attitude. I first saw some of her work in a classic hot rod pictorial series and was so impressed by her incredible confidence with working the camera,,, I was so glad to catch up with her for this Navy shoot and sure she’ll have a lot of new fans from here when we start getting the pictures up.  This September it’s back to Arizona to shoot in Tucson and especially at the Pima Air Museum once more. My friend Laurel Rea and I are setting up a new shoot and I can’t wait to work with her again. She has a very unique and artistic style to the way she approaches modeling and her work is always very creative on every level. Laurel can twist and bend into just about any configuration for the perfect shot,,, most of her pretzely positions would put most in the hospital with snapped spines, but she flows from one to another with sleek style and perfect execution.. I’m a big fan and I’m honored to get the opportunity to work with her again. She has gotten a lot of comments here from our first shoot and I’m so glad so many of you here love her awesome talents.   So with that here is a fav from the Laurel files, and a shot of Ashley from her pin up lifestyle portfolio.

Enjoy and more to come this week from Comicon..

the ever lovely laurel,


Mad Max beyond thunderdome, the 25th anniversary


Miss Eileen, pin up update for July 2010

Happy Friday and here are some more pictures of the ever lovely Eileen.   We are almost ready to shoot our  “creature from the Black Lagoon” theme and we are anxiously waiting for the recreated swimsuit from the original movie worn by actress Julie Adams. Vintage suits by Mary is making the white one piece for Eileen and it’s just about ready!!! Eileen is a blast to shoot with and her pictures are always so much fun to post! stay tuned for more from Miss Atkinson coming soon.

a cutie in the Huey

Miss lethal Weapon


pin up update with Kit Karson

Howdy all, please forgive the long abscence and lack of comments back on the last two posts,,,,, Way busy with work (Thank Goodness) and my Daughters rodeo schedule which has made for quite a rush of a summer! Needless to say I do get a moment here n there to put up a quick post now and then and today is another quick one but one I have been dying to put up!!!! A few months back in May when I was back in Kentucky for “Wonderfest” I was able to set up a shoot with my new pin up modeling friend Kit Karson from Chicago!!! She was very new to a web site called Pinup Lifestyle where her portfolio caught my eye and I was instantly a fan!!! We had been planning the Fest shoot for about two months and last minute show scheduling almost got the shoot cancelled but after a lot of anxious re-planning it worked out. Kit, her Fiance and their little one made the trek to meet us in Louisville. Nelson Deg, and his brother Greg met up with me early in the morning in Dayton at the Air Force Museum and we had to tour the base fast because we had to get back to Kentucky for the shoot. Just in case we were late getting back, I left a key for my room for Kit so she could get ready after her hair and MU appointment, I was met with some HMMMMM’s and high eyebrows from the the gal at the desk with this request, OH NO I thought what is she thinking??????  So as the Day went on Kit shows up ahead of us by about an hour, with bright red lipstick on & a splashy new doo to boot.  She goes to get the room key and meets the same gal at the front desk I had left the key with earlier.  Kit went through the same scrutiny of the high eyebrows,,, Funnier still is that Kit Karson is her pin up name,  when asked to show ID for the key all kinds of silly and embarrassing antics followed. HAAA! Yes the impression at the front desk was questionable about what was going on in my room!!!!! The lot of us finally got back to the hotel just in time to head out to the Dinosaur/fossil bed location that Dave Hodge (the Master of Wonderfest had found for us) We heard of Kits awkwardly funny dealings with the front desk and it was humorous to pass the check in counter a few minutes later with Kit decked out in a 60 miniskirt al-ah Star Trek. More funny looks followed as we left, HAAA! Way to Silly! Anyways we got to the spot across town which was deescalate the day before when we scouting only to find the place full of people & picnickers,,,,, One fella was right where we wanted to shoot and as we started taking pictures he was ever so infatuated with Kit and he never left,,, He just wandered around like a dreamy teen in love at high school! The sun was just starting to set and made for an awesome warm setting and Kit was phenomenal and lending her pin up skills and 50’s style poses to the shoot… Of all the Star Trek sessions I have done Kit is by far the greatest at capturing that sassy innocence of the vintage era & Elvgren style of modeling. She was not only  a wonderful model, but she was extremely funny and very creative about adding her ideas and poses to the shoot!!! We took Lots of fun pictures, and I’m so glad to finally be posting one!!! I’m sure you’ll agree Kit has a gift and one very contagious smile and attitude!!! Thanks Kit and look forward to posting more!!!!!

it's Kit

kit in beautiful B&W

Kit in ultra color


Back to the Future, turns 25, part 1

Wow this is one movie anniversary I have been waiting to do a post on but time is thin today so it’s going to be a two parter. July 3rd, 1985 “Back to the Future” opened in theaters across the nation and was an instant hit. today it has reached  a kind of cult Status with conventions, merchandise and a mass following by folks that just can’t get enough of Robert Zemeckis’s classic. Happy Anniversary “BTF” and stay tuned for an in depth & then and now special coming very soon!!!!

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