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Lilly Scott

If you’re an Idol fan, last night was a big heartbreak for me…My gal Lilly Scott didn’t make the top 12 and today the tears are a-flowin’ in the Eaves house!!!  Lilly’s voice and style are so unique and completely awesome… She, in a bizarre way, reminds me of the hauntingly beautiful  Siouxsie Sue, from Siouxsie and the Banshees in both her voice and artistry.  she really picked some great songs to showcase her talent, “lullaby” for Hollywood week, “fixing a hole” by the Beatles and then tackling the queen Patsy Cline with “I fall to pieces”.  she has an incredible gift and every inch of her pours out music!!! She is a force not to reckoned with..  Sad, sad news indeed she’s off the show but it opens the door for other opportunities sooner.  Lilly your great, and I am sure  nothing will stop you & you’ll be breaking through very soon.  I’ll keep my eyes ‘n ears out for ya, Lilly!!!!!


The Uss Iowa goes Kelvin

We’re getting to the end of the Iowa/Kelvin concepts, and here are a few of the final ideas.  The exterior was a color layout test for the med-evac version of the shuttle and the interior views.  The cockpit shown here has two different layouts, one has an off center doorway and asymmetrical floor-plan while the other has a central floor mounted console.  Both were ideas that had to be tossed around with how much would it take to redress the final set for interiors for other shuttles.  In the end, the asymmetrical concept was scrapped for the easier straight forward layout.  It was a treat to work on both the exterior and interior views, and this one had a lot of variations before it got to this stage.  From the art department’s line of assembly, these sketches would get the green light from our production designer, Scott Chambliss, then go to art director Curt Beech, who would then do some layouts and sketch up models to coordinate the final dimensions for the blueprint stage and then construction.  Next Clint Schultz the graphics designer would run with the drawings to make his own versions for graphics color, text and all the layouts for playback.  As all of this is happening, Jeff Frost, the model maker, builds a little scale miniature, and finally Joe Hiura builds the 3D model CG style for the VFX group and the modelers at ILM.  Lots of great talent in so many fields!!!  The collaborative process on this film was awesome, and the end results were pretty darned cool.

Enjoy today’s posts and back on Monday with some more fun stuff, happy weekend everybody.




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