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June 20th, 1959, 50th Anniversary of “Teenagers from Outer Space”

If you haven’t seen this one yet, you’re missing out on a true (cheesy) B movie endeavor at it’s finest.  Available in about three or four different DVD packs, I highly recommend this one to watch with a bunch of friends on a Saturday night,,, Not too late though, because it is a pretty long movie with way too much dialog.  It’s a science fiction story full of teenage rebellion,,,which obviously occurs on other plants besides Earth, Alien bullies and murderers, brilliant and reasonable scientists. Some awesome Hollywood locations from the 50’s, a cute little puppy, space ships and giant lobster monsters, a really cool ray gun that equals Decker’s gun from Bladerunner, and as a special treat there is an early cameo appearance of the skeleton from “Lost Skeleton of the Cadavra” (This must have been some of the skeleton’s early work because he has no speaking lines, and he played all the parts that needed to show some bones falling to the ground.  The Skeleton had to wait 40+ years to get his big break in Hollywood.  He was rediscovered wasting away in an old lab by Larry Blamire, who immediately cast him as the star of his film and then later the sequel).  Anyway, all of this is wrapped around an intergalactic love story that will make all you lonely teens out there feel warmth in your hearts and even bring a tear to your eye.  It is a definitely a campy adventure that is a lot of fun to watch.  The movie will end leaving you wanting more so you should make it a double feature night and get “Lost Skeleton of the Cadavra” too.  I’ll do a special post on this one and the sequel soon but for now here is a little fodder for those that love the best of the worst of the B-movies from the  glorious atomic age.

the poster

the poster

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