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the suliban stealth ship from Shockwave

Here was a fun ship from the Suliban race, and it was seen in Enterprise episode #26 entitled “Shock Wave”.  The Suliban were a strange race and they were to be so prominent in the new series, but by season 2 they had pretty much faded away.  Amongst all the ships that had to be drawn for the series, the Suliban were the hardest to get concepts signed off…it still brings back a lot of dizziness just thinking about all the billions of drawings it took to get just a handful of ships through those narrow approval doors.  This one was one of the last ships to be drawn and the heat and tension had let up, so it went through on a single pass!!!!  WOOO HOOO!  And it was one of my favs as far as their ships went.

In addition, there had to be a hidden base and, looking at Monument Valley in Northern Arizona for inspiration, the base became a high offensive location atop a spire of rock overlooking the vast landscape.  Eden VFX work shined brightly on this episode, and as always the work Rob and the gang put out was beyond awesome.  So with that, have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for all the comments and for putting up with the loads of pin up pictures!!!

sulibon stealth ship

Suliban Stealth ship


stealth ship docked at the secret base


Pin up update with Melissa Madole

Here is a fun shot of my friend, Melissa, striking a schnazzy pin up pose in an old Bell Huey.  We had a wildly blustery shoot out in the Wrecking Yard fighting horrific winds and stinking cold weather!!!  I LIKE HOT AND ARIZONA WEATHER!!!!  Despite the elements we got some really awesome shots, and this one is a fav.  Thanks for the great day M.

melissa 1

melissa 1


vulcan architecture volume 3

Well, setting the flood of pin up shoots aside for today, here is the follow up to Vulcan architecture from Star Trek Enterprise, Episode # 74 entitled “HOME”.  This is three variations of the same location.  The hillside dwelling on the right is the exterior design for T’POL’s mother’s (played wonderfully by Joanna Cassidy) home on Vulcan, Joanna’s character was of a high ranking woman but somewhat of a rebel, so her immaculate home is rural as opposed to in the high society of downtown amongst the powerful.  In these three drawings, the tone and mainly the city scape will change drastically as the approval process for this concept goes through all the changes.

Concept #1 has an easy atmosphere and a smaller spread out cityscape.  Joanna’s house made the cut, but the sky and background didn’t.  Sketch #2 puts the atmosphere in heavy sunset mode, and the city grows in terms of  ground level structures.  The producers asked for more skyscrapers so Drawing #3 came to be, and, in the long run, the city became a combo of #2 and #3 as seen in the next two previously posted images.  This was just about the end of designing new architecture for the hot planet, but it was quite a treat to get to dive into such an awesome world of drawings and concepts.

vulcan a



text 2



vulcan command


the forge  83


pin up update #2 with Mikki Bitten & Remembering our veterans

The Army National Guard post in Atascadero was the backdrop for this fun shot.  SSG Greg Brown gave us an escort to shoot around some of the vehicles, and he also let little Alyna sit in a couple of the big rigs.  A big thanks goes to you and your men for letting us shoot at your post.  We shot a lot of great pics, but this one is a particular favorite of mine.  Mikki again strikes the perfect pose with such ease & class, and she sure can cast those bewitching eyes into one deadly and sultry expression!!!  WOOOOO-WEEEEE!  In Honor and remembrance on this Veterans Day, this pin up image is dedicated to all of our brave men and women that serve, defend, and protect America’s freedom without sacrifice.  We so proudly honor those that have fallen and those that carry on to preserve the peace we all share in our homeland of the United States of America.  May God bless and protect our noble sons and daughters here and abroad.  Our prayers are with you always.  Thank you to the United States Army, The United States Navy, The United States Air Force, The United States Marines and the United States National Guard.      Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light!

mikki 2


pin up update with mikki bitten

My little daughter Alyna (7) met up with pin up model Mikki Bitten in the coastal city of Atascadero for one great day of fun and awesome photography!!!  This is Mikki’s home town, and she found some great places to shoot and on top of that, she really knows her stuff!!!  She can whip out an awesome vintage hair doo in no time flat, and she drives one beautiful 1962 Ford Falcon!!!  Very nice to have something the same age as myself at one of these shoots!!!  This was one of the funnest shoots I have been on and am so glad all of Mikki’s fabulous work is in my camera!!  HAAA!  She definitely knows the pin-up style in every way, and her passion for the golden era of the 50’s is without measure!!!  She is one extremely nice gal, and my daughter thinks she’s the greatest model in the world!!!  Alyna played art and pose director all day and was a lot of fun to have around…we are all doomed when she gets older because she is without a doubt going to be in charge of just about everything!!!  She is a dreamer with a big heart, as is Mikki!!!  Thanks Miss Bitten for the great day and all the fun!!!


here she is right out of the camera

mikki 1

Mikki and the finished piece


Alyna and Mikki hamming it up for a fun last picture of the day


Pin up update with Anela amaretto

Yesterday was another awesome photo shoot day, And my buddy Nelson and I met with the Amazing Anela Amaretto in San Francisco for an awesome military style pin up shoot just north west of the Golden Gate Bridge. We were at some old WWII bunkers that rim the coast line.  Anela brought her photographer friend John Hollowell of California Redwood Photography, and with Nelson as the  flag man, we captured some amazing images.   John and I were shooting on top of each other trying to catch those perfect angles against an awesome sunset, and Anela really captured some amazingly beautiful poses!!  Anela is one incredible lady, and she has one amazing talent at capturing the era of vintage pin up and giving it a twist and flair that  is breathtaking!!!  We had a little less than an hour of light to work with, but what we had was truly magical with the way it looked on film…or data card!!!  HAAA!  So with that, here are a couple of pics from the shoot and hope you all enjoy them.

the lovely Anele

the ever lovely Anela Amarettoa close up from the full figure shot


Nelson working his bounce reflector


John Hallowell snaging some awesome close ups

anela 2

A close up pulled from the full figure shot

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