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Alicia Eaves, cowgirl up! and the Star trek art fundraiser auction.

Alicia and Kiowa

Well, friends thanks again for all the kind words and prayers for my daughter, Alicia, and the tragedy with her losing her horse, Kiowa. The accident happened on 10-10 and on 10-16 the girls had a rodeo on their 2010/2011 competition schedule. One of the other wonderful rodeo families (The Jaspers) heard about Alicia’s loss and brought over one of theirs for her to ride.  She had less than an hour to try her out and then we were off to the main events. Alicia and Olivia both carried a lock of Kiowa’s mane in their pockets and the rodeo began to Alicia riding tall and fast all day long. It was an extremely difficult day filled with tears, but both Alicia and Olivia are true cowgirls and stayed “cowgirl tuff”!

She carries Kiowa in her heart, as well as, her love for rodeo. Rising from where she has fallen she can’t be kept down and she is ready to move forward and ride again. Alicia has started to look for a new horse and with doing so we needed to find away to get her some funds to do so. Work has been fast furious and far between, so we came up with the idea of a fundraising auction featuring Star Trek art prints. We do so many fundraisers for all the different groups the girls participate in, so we thought it would be a perfect way to help her make some cash for getting that new horse.  I am going to put prints up on ebay starting tomorrow, but for all my friends here on the blog you can have a print of anything you have seen here on the blog(That is something that I have drawn, and also almost all the the pin up gals have so graciously given permission to sell copies of their pictures as well!) at a fixed price special!!!! For a $15 donation plus shipping you can get an 8’5 x11 print…. For $20 plus shipping you can size up to an 11×17 print… Or for those of you with a lot of wall space you can really move up to the massive 13×19 for $25 plus shipping. All pictures will be printed on high gloss paper and hand personalized to you or to friends for that fun little Christmas gift. Feel free to drop me a line at anytime in regards to what you would like. and I can send a pay thru paypal or info for checks thru private email, If you would like to add on a little extra, you are more than welcome to do so and all donations to our horse fundraising is most appreciated!

Thanks so much for helping out with Alicia’s fundraising efforts. Below is a note of thanks from Alicia that she wanted me to share with everyone here.

“Howdy, I wanted to thank you all for all your caring responses on my dad’s blog. It means so much to me. Thank you for your support during this rough time. Even though Kiowa can’t be with me now I know she would want me to continue with rodeo and my dad and I have come up with the idea of a fundraiser because I will be needing a new rodeo horse. It would mean a lot if you would consider contributing to my fundraiser. Thank you so much for all the support and comments” 🙂

Below are some print examples that have been posted here over the last year and a half or so and there are countless others available upon request.

print 1

print 2

print 3

print 4

print 5

print 6

print 7

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